Renting a Home

We are committed to providing the best services we can to our tenants and prospective tenants.  In this section we outline our approach and commitments to households who want to rent a home from Bernicia.


Allocating Homes

We make sure that the way in which we allocate homes is honest, open and fair.

Some of the things we would take into account include:
• Homelessness
• Lack of amenities
• Medical need
• Overcrowding
• Disrepair and dampness
• Children living in flats
• Families living apart
• Tied accommodation
• Insecure tenancies
• Domestic violence, or harassment

To ensure that we keep our estates as safe and sustainable as possible our allocations systems consider the wider community. We work closely with the local authorities where we have homes whether that be on the basis of a Choice Based Lettings system, or by means of a percentage of properties being available via nomination from the local authority.

We also offer transfer and mutual exchange schemes for existing tenants if they wish to move house.

Level of service you can expect.

When you apply for a home we will:

• Manage all our allocations in a fair and transparent way and provide you with information throughout the process, or on request.
• Provide you with an appointment to discuss your housing needs on request
• Provide appropriate advice and assistance throughout the re housing process – if necessary referring you to other agencies
• Review our waiting lists periodically to be sure that we have current information and that your details are correct.

When we offer you a home we will:

• Accompany you to view the property
• Ensure that the property conforms to our “Lettable Standards”


 When you accept a home we will:


• Arrange a sign up process that is specific to your needs, but will include details of the tenancy agreement, how to pay your rent, and advice on claiming housing benefit
• Provide you with a new tenant pack which will contain information about your home, rights and obligations as a tenant
• Ensure that any outstanding repairs are completed in the appropriate time limits
• Contact you shortly after your tenancy has started to make sure you have settled into your new home

Lettable Standard

We have a series of standards to ensure that the property:
• Is secure
• Is clean and in reasonable decorative order
• Has operational amenities such as kitchen, bathroom and heating systems

Allocation of New Build Homes


Where we have the opportunity to develop new build schemes we will try to identify tenants for these homes whilst the properties are being built, and try to give the prospective tenant the opportunity of making choices regarding equipment and finishes

Are you interested in applying for one of our homes?

If you are interested in applying for one our homes, or would like to make a transfer, or mutual exchange request please contact our help line number 0344 800 3800.

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